Every Hour

Once upon a time my therapist gave me a gift, and now, I am going to pass it on to you.

As I did my healing work, stories emerged, all clamoring to be heard. My therapist explained that I would likely feel the need to tell some of these stories many times, and that it was important to identify people in my circle who would be willing to listen . ​

She invited me to imagine an old-fashioned clock face, and to imagine a person I trusted at each hour around the clock. She could be one of the people, of course, but there were eleven more slots to fill. I started to fill the other hours in my imagination—my spouse, my close friends, my father, my spiritual director, a trusted teacher, my minister. My therapist helped me to enlarge my circle of concern and support. She helped me imagine confiding in close, trusted others. She reminded me to see all the relationships in my life, and to rely on their strength and healing power.

Here is your very own clock face. Feel free to print it out. Or simply imagine those you love, those who love and cherish you. Who can you tell your stories to—even when the stories are hard to hear, hard to tell? Perhaps you notice your clock has hours without a person, and you realize you need to expand your circles of support. Next blog, I will tackle the topic of relationship building and strengthening. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about your clock face and the people who fill your hours.

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